About Us




At Booking Sparrow we provide you a salon on demand. A sensational transformation with our unique service that ensures your sparkle comes alive.

Sit in the comfort of your home, office or hotel while our Styling Sparrow brings our mobile salon to you. Our services include Blow dry, Lashes, Make Up and Keratin Smoothing Treatments. Make your choice and we will come through. We will give you a flawless delivery.

Blow dry

BookingSparrow provides you with professional blow dry services at the push of a button. Our Styling Sparrows give your hair an amazing sprinkle of finesse, making you look down-right fabulous on the go.

Choose a Blowdry style that fits your personality and hair and our Styling Sparrows will make it happen.


Experience the glamorous feel of our minty lash service that is tailored for you. No matter your kind of person, the occasion or event, we will give you an amazing lash service. Just sit back and relax as our Styling Sparrows put their angelic hands to work, bringing forth a whole new fabu-lash you.

Booking Sparrow gets your eyelashes done by lash experts, we provide both full sets and refills.


BookingSparrow's stress-free salon on demand.

Whatever your location, be it your home, office or hotel, all we need is a little space where we can set up, preferably with access to running water. We bring our own technology and all the tools needed to make you look flawless.

You need not worry about anything, we've got everything covered.

Our Styling Sparrows will bring products and tools needed for your service, but if you have specific products you would rather use, or if you have any special concerns or allergic reactions to certain products, do let them know.

Who says time and schedule should stop the modern lady from shining?

Booking Sparrow never disappoints.

Give us a time and place and we'll be there.

Try Booking Sparrow today, you'll never take a salon trip again.